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DIGI calls for a fresh approach in how this country deals with alcohol misuse

Posted on 02 July 2013
Drinks Industry Group of Ireland (DIGI), the wider representative body for the drinks industry in Ireland, today welcomed the publication by the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Transport and Communications of its 'Report on Sponsorship of Sports by the Alcohol Drinks Industry' and called for the government to engage with the industry to find evidence-based solutions to the challenge of alcohol misuse. 

The Chairperson of DIGI and Diageo's European Corporate Relations Director, Peter O'Brien said today: 'We need a fresh approach. We are calling on the relevant government departments to engage with all stakeholders - and that includes those that manufacture and sell alcohol - in finding evidence-based solutions that will have a real impact on effecting societal change in this country.

'We want to work with the government, with medical organisations and key stakeholders in order to address the abuse of our products in this country. There are challenges for everyone in dealing with the abuse of alcohol. The industry is up to this challenge. 

'We support the committee's recommendation that a code be introduced to make it mandatory for all brand owners and rights-holders to provide responsible training in selling, advertising and marketing and to promote responsible drinking at all sponsored events. 

'We welcome that the majority of the committee concurred that the link between sponsorship and the misuse of alcohol in society had not been established. 

'The reality is that the misuse of alcohol is not in the interests of our industry or its' sustainable development. It damages our members, it damages our brands and it damages the societies in which we operate. So let us work together to put in place measures that will have a real and lasting impact to change our cultural acceptance of alcohol misuse. 

'The drinks sector is an important, credible industry employing 62,000 people in this country. The tackling of alcohol misuse requires a fresh approach, one that brings all parties together and focuses on evidence-based solutions. Only by all stakeholders working together to find effective, evidence-based solutions to the problem of alcohol misuse, can we hope to effectively address this challenge.'

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